Fee Schedule 2020 2021 Academic Year


Early Childhood Education


Kindergarten – Grade 8

Category A

Local Basotho families or fully self-funded families

35,000 maloti / year

100,000 maloti / year

Category B

International and/or sponsored by an organisation

$3,000 USD / year

$14,000 USD / year

Sibling Discount

Starting this year, for each additional full fee paying child in the same family, a discount will be applied to the tuition based on the following table.

1st Child

Full Tuition

2nd Child

10% discount

3rd Child

20% discount

Any additional children

30% discount

Note that the discount will apply to the youngest child

Additional Fees

  1. Preschool (three year olds) and Pre-K (four year olds) students who are new to the school pay only the application fee.

  2. Returning Pre-K students rising to Kindergarten must also pay the capital fee.

  3. Students new to the school and entering grades K-8 must pay the application fee and capital fee upon acceptance and prior to enrolment.

    1. Application fee (One Time Fee, Non-refundable): $216.00 USD

    2. Capital Fee (One Time Fee):  $3,630.00 USD

  4. Transportation fee per annum

    1. $2,000.00 USD Both Ways, 

    2. $1,000.00 USD One Way. 

Please note that the bus only operates within a limited area within Maseru. The school bus is an optional extra for parents.